• That's me, the author of this brillant test (I'm a chick and yup, that's my daily driver)!
  • Ok, so did you ever try or think about trying drag racing? It's not like that movie "The Fast & The Furious"- in the real life amateur drag racing world you gotta have serious mental & physical skills, some of which can never be learned. Some lucky people just intuitively possess the "knack" for it. I would like to say that men have no proven advantage in drag racing. On the contrary, many argue that women naturally possess some advantages, like they typically weigh less, which makes the car faster, and they often tend to be more hyper-reflexive, which means they react quickly and instinctively to visual stimuli. The bottom line is that it doesn't matter if you are a 90 pound women who has never even looked under the hood of a car or if you are a 180 pound male mechanic who builds hot rodders for fun. In this test your basic sense of competitiveness, sportsmanship and physical ability will be ranked and estimated based on some common traits noted in world class racers. You gotta be able to roll with the fact that most racers are men, so many of the pics show or relate to men, but hey, that's the milleu, so deal with it. If you score well then you should get your butt to the track. Even if you score low, you should still give it a try- drag racing at a sanctioned track is an awesome, safe and amazing experience. Lastly, nothing turns me on more than a good, fierce racer...if you have a high score, I may take you to the track myself for a hot date!

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