• Welcome to yet another highly generalized "type" test. 

    I decided to make this when I noticed that most (if not all) of the "type" tests regarding masculine appearances were just comparing page after page of white dudes with washboard abs, which, personally, I find totally boring and unattractive.

    So, using the Your Type of Girl test as a model, this test gauges type based on appearances instead of bodies.  Meaning you aren't going to find a lot of nearly-naked dudes flexing their muscles here.

    This test is for everyone!  Seriously, why wouldn't it be?


    IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE GETTING THE IMAGES TO LOAD [like if you can't see Sen Mitsuji being beautiful at the top of this page], try reloading the page once or twice, and if that doesn't work, you may need to fiddle with any ad-blocking things you have set up, as they seem to be [rightfully] wary of okcupid.  

    Disclaimer-warning no. 2: If your result is "The Pretty Boy", but your scores are not all around 40-60%, you have likely not been given the right result because you scored on a threshold value.  The qualitative score key IS in every result, but display may be half the fun for you and the wrong result isn't something you want to show off.  HQ doesn't operate on "greater/less than OR equal to" the given value, it operates on just "greater/less", and any score that is equal will automatically become the default result.  Unless I'm really profoundly bad with arithmetic, this is a problem I can't solve, but I've reported it as an issue and it might be helpful if you did, too.

    Though in the event that my arithmetic is bad and yours is great, I'd love to know how to fix this on my own!