• Hello internet world, and welcome to my test! This is the one, the only, the true Zombie Apocalypse test. It will test you across 9 variables, determining your true likelihood of surviving the next zombie apocalypse. 

    The next you say? Well of course. We've already had 3 before this. And as a survivor of all 3, you can definitely trust me to test your true survivalist skills. Also, please trust me with your money.


    When taking this test, please be honest with yourself. Don't be honest with the mass of shambling zombies, though. You gotta trick those buggers.

    No matter how skilled the writer, no mere words can convey the true horror that is a zombie apocalypse. As such, reading these questions allows you more insight than if you were truly there. Please choose the answer that best describes you, or that you would most likely do.

    Will you beat back the menacing horde of shambling undead? Or will you be their next morsel of zombie brain food? Find out today! 



    The Zombie Apocalypse Test. Now with half the fat!*


    *(Limited time only. While supplies last.This statement not approved by the FDA. Possible side effects include nausea, blisters, mild to moderate headaches, and death)