• Zombies have overrun the city. Somehow, you survived the first bloody night, and you find yourself awake and shaking from adrenalin overload in the dawn. You have found other survivors to help you to survive. These zombies are infectious. They bite you and there's a good chance you'll turn into one of them within an hour. The city is out of power and zombies roam night and day in search of human flesh to feast upon. So... how well you fare? Take the test and lets find out how you measure up. Tell all your buddies to take the test, so that you will know, when the time comes, who you can trust to watch your back!
  • They do not feel pain. They are moderately fast-- they are not just walking to you, they are walking quickly. They cannot use weapons, and they do not know martial arts, but they are a clingy bunch that in most cases will grab on to you and try to eat even if their only moving body parts are their jaws.

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