• Welcome to the REAL zombie survival test.
    Before you proceed here, I recommend you all take the Zombie Movie Survival test. http://www.okcupid.com/tests/take?testid=5349989821747660792
    I scored armed and dangerous, unfortunately that test isn't very accurate for a real world scenario.
    There are many believes about zombies which are sensationalized by the media. The simple truth is that zombie invasion is imminent. They are already here and have been for most of recorded history. With the massive population explosion we are currently experiancing, the number of attacks will rise. It is only a matter of time before society is overrun by the undead hordes.
    This test is designed to find out if you have what it takes to join the society which will arise from the ashes.

    Authors Note: Due to a screwup on my part, too many people were labeled Humanities Hero. That has been fixed. This has no affect on your actual numerical score. If you want to learn your real label, you can ask, look it up, or retake the test.