• Three weeks ago, the first outbreak of zombies began, in a rural area far from where you live. It was underreported by the media, and no one really noticed. Total casualties were only in the dozen range. ----- Two weeks ago, the zombies had spread into the suburban areas closer to where you live. The media reported that there were cult killings, involving cannibalism and dismemberment. Total casualties were between twenty and one-hundred people. ----- A week ago, riots began in the city in which you live. Police have been fighting zombies in the streets, getting closer and closer to the inner city, where you live. Total casualties have reached a thousand, and are climbing. ----- Upon waking up this morning, you heard glass shatter in a downstairs window of the apartment building you live in. ----- This test will see how you fare, escaping, running, and surviving a Class III zombie outbreak.

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