• This quiz is mostly inspired by video games. Any game where you can sneak around, steal stuff, or assassinate people. If you're a fan of those types of games, you'll probably enjoy this quiz.


    You will not be tested on how skilled of a thief you are. This quiz is to determine what KIND of thief you are. All of the variables are on a scale, with one type of person on one end, and another type of person on the other. Good vs evil, for example: just because you scored 13% Compassion doesn't mean you failed the quiz, it just means you're a merciless thief.


    Likewise, if you score 100% on everything, that doesn't make you an amazing thief, it just determines your personality and style.


    You're job is to steal the royal amulet from Prince Haelan VI of Jemol. He travels with his two loyal bodyguards. The bodyguards are combat veterans and heavily armed.