• Think you're a moral person?  Fancy yourself upright, as opposed to the horizontal beasts of the field?  Take a long, deep gaze into The Morality Mirror to find out for sure!


    Disclaimer: Morality is indeed a very, very complicated topic, as there are dozens of divergent and even contrary perspectives, including absolutism, utilitarianism, virtue ethics, particularism, relativism, egoism, amoralism, and nihilism.  This test, however, will ultimately draw from Kohlberg's stages of moral development, and will in general assume relativism, egoism, amoralism, and nihilism as the enemies of morality.  If you're Ayn Rand, go your own way (i.e., back the way you came).  If you're Protagoras, then this is just my view and you shouldn't have any problem with it, given that it's as valid as your own.  If you're Immanuel Kant, you'll fuss a bit over the results, but I know you'll enjoy the rigorous process.  If you're David Hume, you can always doubt the conclusions.  If you're Heidegger, then the question as questioning in the existentiale must first be formulated with regard to the Being which has the Being that may formulate the question, and this primordial inquiry will need first of all an observance of both the ontical and ontological constitutive facts of the questioner.  And if you're Levinas - thanks.  The world needs you.