• Hi! And welcome to my test. This test will check to see what you see in a pie; whether it's merely a dessert item, a great way to get a few yucks, or an aphrodisiac. The most common application for this is the slapstick, pie in the face gag, like what you'd see in The Three Stooges. The wet and messy fetish doesn't just apply to pies, however; it's possible to be aroused with oatmeal, eggs, pudding, chocolate syrup, flour, frosting, cake batter, spaghetti, beans, basically any food that can cover someone's body. The latter is usually referred to as "gunging." For the sake of simplicity, I've started with pieing and I'm slowly adding more as time goes on.

    Please note that I do not under any circumstance advocate using substances that would be harmful to the body, nor do I advocate using otherwise harmless substances in a way that would harm the body, such as asphyxiation, choking, an allergic reaction, infection or any other harmful condition.

    Guys and girls are both welcome to take it, although if you are a guy, please don't message me for a date, as I'm as straight as an arrow. Girls, if you're a WAMmer, then let me know.