• This is a personality profile based upon the work of Terence Watts a qualified Hypnotherapist from the UK.

    Each of us is born with a mix of 3 personality types within us, Warrior, Settler and Nomad,

    These types are as follows


    Physiology: Fairly straight-faced, few body response patterns, steady gaze.

    Positive: Practical, tenacious and self-sufficient. Quick thinkers.

    Negative: Suspicious, dictorial, manipulative. Cannot easily admit mistakes.


    Physiology: Responsive body and head movements. Frequent smiles.

    Positive: Caring, cheerful, pleasant, talkative and tolerant. 'people' people.

    Negative: Depressive, indecisive, underconfident. Prone to mood swings.


    Physiology: Often expansive in gestures. Can be animated and noisy. Laughs easily.

    Positive: Fun-loving, enthusiastic, outgoing. Inspiring and optimistic.

    Negative: Unreliable, childish, boastful. Prone to exaggerating minor successes.