• Hi! And welcome to my test. I'll be using advanced logic and magic to determine your true nature. I'll ask you some questions about something, then I'll analyze you. with this I will be able to tell you who you are.

  • 1

    What do you consider yourself

  • 2

    Are you in a relationship now?

  • 3

    Have you ever watched gay porn

  • 4

    Have you ever masterbated, if so which sex did you think/fantisise about when masterbating.

  • 5

    Have you ever had any sexual contact with another man?

  • 6

    If there were no bias people/religon going against being homosexual would you be open to having a relationship/dating another man?

  • 7

    Do you or have you analy pleasured yourself while masturbating?

  • 8

    Are you interested in girls?

  • 9

    Do you find yourself checking out other men/guys?

  • 10

    Picture a guy who in your oppinion is hot/sexy...go ahead take a sec...now picture him naked/nude...with his hot throbbing shaft pointing directly at you...a twinkle in his eye...he grabs you gently but forcefully and tosses you face down on the bed and deftly takes your pants off you...you can then feel his meaty cock against your backside.......ok now, are you aroused?

  • 11

    You’re the only guy in a bar in a strange town and a man who you think is attractive/sexy/cute walks in and sits next to you and offers to buy you a drink. It seems that he likes you...your penis is hard and won't go down, you have a hotel room next door and time to kill...do you?