• Hello, and welcome to my very first test. To start off...I'll just explain...that this is my very first test! :D

    Now, you probably found this quiz and thought, "What the hell is an asexual? Can these people reproduce like plants can?" Well, not quite, though that would be pretty cool.

    Asexuality is an orientation that makes up about 1-2% of the world's population. Many people deny it exists. Many people don't even know that they may be asexual! An asexual is a person who does not feel sexual attraction. This does not mean an asexual person cannot feel aroused, turned-on, or stimulated. It simply means that asexuals do not see other human beings in a sexual manner like most people do.

    But like many facets of the world, asexual people do not fall under one specific category. There are many levels of asexuality that I could not cover in this quiz alone. I am not an asexual expert, nor am I a genius philosopher or psychologist. This quiz is for fun, so DO NOT take the results seriously. Many of the questions in this quiz are similar to what asexuals feel or think, but I do not speak for all asexual people. I only covered a few basics. Don't take the results seriously. It's all for fun!