• Well, hello! I'm sure you're expecting titties and i won't dissapoint you (not entirely)... but i had to make this test decent ;);p

    Anyway, you'll be seeing pics of those "heavenly creatures" called "the women" with their powerful equipment - bodies and facial expressions.  I made a selection upon my opinion of what's beautiful/hot etc. and upon opinions of the majority of male population (that is, "mainstream" likeness), so don't get surprised if you see Lola Ferrari between these images! JUST KIDDING, for God's sake ;)

    Ok, your job is to:

    1. Pick between two pics (regardless of what you know about certain person). Imagine that you see that person for the first time in your life... Something like... she's passing by you, gives you a wink... or she's a waitress in a bar where you hang out with your friends... You know what i mean, i'm sure you can be more imaginative than this! ;)

    2. Kill some time!

    3. Have some fun!

    4. Give me a star if you liked it at all ;) xD


    So, the point of this test is to measure male preferences towards different types of women so the result can be applied in the field of human social behaviour... Oh, Jesus Christ, what a load of c***! Haha, sorry, just kidding...again! Actually, i made this test just because some of my male friends made me to... Lazy bastards ;p

    Ok, let's begin...