• Hi! And welcome to my test. There really is a method to the madness - trust me! Because uh... we go back so far and have been through so much together and stuff.


    Note #1: This is a re-hash of my "The Definitive How Real Are You Test". It's changed only slightly, so if you've already taken it you may not want to re-take it. Or maybe it was just so totally cool that you would like nothing more than to re-take it. Do You. Who knows, some of the options have changed so you might want to.  


    Note #2: Unfortunately not choosing anything counts against you and I couldn't really fix that. If you do come across something where none of the options fit, please let me know what would fit and I'll probably add it - just for you.


    DISCLAIMER: All of the possible scores in this test try to be Positive.  If you don't want anything positive said about you based on your test score, don't take it!  You Have Been Warned!