• Our Personality Type Indicator is a lifestyle based lettering system that equates a person to a mode of transportation that they can relate to. The Simple Break-Down of type is as follows:

    A - Aggressives, I - Integrates, W - Withdrawns

    V - Visionaries, R - Realists

    P - Planning, L - Living


    These possibilities break down as follows:

    A - Leader, Headstrong, Forward. Aggressives are people that take charge. They don't like to wait, either for people or time, and their patience is thin in comparison to the other types. They tend to look ahead, and try to make things happen to benefit them the most rather than waiting for opportunity. Natural leaders, there is a sense of no-nonsense to them.


    I - Normal, Easy-going, Agreeable. Integrates are those who love to be with their good friends or family and consider themselves equals in a group. Their take-charge attitude comes when necessary, but for the most part, they take life as it comes to them. They don't mind waiting for opportunity to strike, and are comfortable in their everyday activities and enjoying life more in the moment, and following when someone beneficial is leading.


    W - Loner, Nonconformist, Independent. Withdrawn people interact with life sporadically. They're hesitant to take charge, or to jump at opportunities. They try to make their own path in life, and seem to shy away from the 'social norm' style of doing things. They often struggle with running against the current. Moving to the beat of their own drum, they shudder at the thought of living the life they haven't decided for themselves.


    V - Creative, Dreamy, Comforting. Visionary people create a sense of walking on clouds for themselves and others. In touch and grounded with thoughts and ideas, they take flight mentally and can definitely see ahead and play with thoughts of fantasy.


    R - Grounded, Stable, Comfortable. Realists are the "no bullshit" type. They have a focus and sense of security in the world as it is, and are usually reliable. Partial to practicality, they may not be the most politically correct, but they are trustworthy.


    P - Future-focused, Determined, Hard-Working. Planners delve into the steps beyond the current one. Sometimes overlooking smaller details, they are rock-steady on what they set for themselves. Goal-oriented, they feel most comfortable when things are functionally planned out and effective at executing said plans.


    L - Spontaneous, Fun-Loving, Smiling. Living types may not know exactly what they're going to be doing, but they definitely know how to live in the moment. They enjoy life for what it throws at them, and flex and bend as necessary. They take the future as a challenge to be faced when it arrives, and work with what they've got until it does.


    These different letters turn into 12 possible combinations each cooresponding to a mode of transportation:

    AVP spaceship

    AVL hovercraft

    ARP Helicopter

    ARL Yacht

    IVP Tesla

    IVL The Classic Car

    IRP Ford Escape

    IRL Motorcycle

    WVP Solar powered jetpack

    WVL Hot air balloon

    WRP Golf Cart

    WRL Hang Glider

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