•      Yep, it's a big and wide galaxy out there.  We have a lot of strange people traipsing here on Earth and they can't all be from this planet.  So, I have determined that most of you must be from another planet or planetary-like body in this universe. 

         Now, I've been doing a little research to kind of support my theory here.  After spending years working on trying to make the space elevator a reality for our space program, I've learned a little bit about space and the final frontier, which, by the way, isn't so final at all.  It's very extensive.  But for the sake of my sanity the planets in this test will be confined to this galaxy.

         So, I want you to help me out here, okay?  Take this test and help me determine what planet you are truly from.  For argument's sake Earth will not be included in this test.