• This is a test to determine the size of your ideal community.  The test strains to remove politics and stereotypes from its consideration of this question.  If you've never lived outside the city/country, you'd be surprised at the diversity among different little towns or big cities!  

    There are four possible answers, for where you would most belong:  Metropolis (over 200,000 population, with the exception of Salt Lake City, in the US, and I'm sure a lot of other cities, throughout the world), Suburbs (in the vicinity of a Metropolis, or 80,000-199,999 population), SmallTown (1,000-79,999 population), or "Village" (less than 1,000 population).

     The author of this test has lived in all four sizes of community, and seen the benefits and drawbacks of each.  This is not a measure of where you would be most happy, or where you would be most accepted, but simply a measure of what-sized town it sounds like your answers came from.  I hope it will be useful, or at least amusing, for you!  Have fun!

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