• It's easy to say that there are some things we'd never do. Most of us would like to believe we'd never have reason to steal, or stay on a date with someone we can't stand, or sabotage another person, or sleep with someone we weren't attracted to, or worse.


    ... but what about when money comes into the equation?


    Honestly, talk is cheap. If there were enough money on the table, most of us could be swayed - at least a little, and possibly a lot. So, this test aims to find out exactly what you'd let yourself get bought into, and how much it would cost. Through a series of scenarioes - some small, some big, some completely outrageous - we'll find out how far you'd go for money.


    Do you value your principles more than your pennies? You're just a few clicks away from discovering the answer.




    LAUNCHED: November 6, 2008.