• I released a couple of tests before this one, both in 2008, that were taken a total of less than 100 times.  Now, there's this test...

    Scroll down to the Indiana Jones picture if you want to skip my bragging.

    This test is a contest winner of the most recent helloquizzy / okcupid contest, and was taken more times than any other test from the past five contests.  :)

    (I anticipate that only 1% of the takers were suggested to do so by me.)

    I like tables/charts:


    Times taken during its month long contest



    Test name


    Theme of

    the contest


    Date contest ended


    $100 contest winner: Most Popular?



    Which 80's Movie

    Character Are You?

    80s Tests




    3rd place through 15th place combined of ->

    80s Tests


    No, 3rd-15th place


    The Personality

    Profile Art Test

    Art & Artists




    The Who's Your Classic

    Film Alter Ego? Test





    The 80's Rocked Quiz

    80s Tests


    No, 2nd place


    The Space Lust Test

    The Final Frontier




    The Jeopardy Quiz Game




  • Some tests have dozens upon dozens of questions or questions/answers that are way too long.

    My quiz consists of 14 quick & painless questions.

    My test uses 18 independent variable full matrix computation, meaning that every answer of every question adds or subtracts a varied value to the score of all 18 characters simultaniously.  This maximizes character result accuracy and minimizes your effort in taking the quiz.

  • At the end, you'll be


    A) matched to one of 18 characters from 80's movies and given a description of what you may have in common with them.


    B) given your similarity scores to all 18.  These will allow you to see who your 2nd place is, and which character you're least like.