• Welcome to the fantasy writer test! Before you start, let's go through the basics (you don't have to read it all to be able to do the test).


    How to do this:


    * Make sure you answer all questions! If no answer feels right, pick the best one (or the least dumb one).

    * You don't need to have read any fantasy to do the test, so if you're curious about the genre and wants to know where to start reading, this is the test for you! However, you should have some basic idea of the characteristics and clichés of fantasy, such as you might get by, for example, watching the Lord of the Rings movies.

    * This is a rather long test (36 questions), so make sure you have some time on your hands before you start.

    If you're really impatient, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue start button now. Otherwise, I recommend that you read a little further.


    What the test is about:


    * This test measures different aspects of your personality and matches it with a writer of fantasy fiction, your Resulting Writer (RW).

    * In spite of the test name, this test doesn't actually test how much you resemble a person. I don't know these people personally, however much I wish I did.

    * Instead, the test matches your basic attitude to life with that of your RW, as it comes forth in his or her books.

    * The books of your RW should be books that you are comfortable with, books presenting a world-view (though not a world) that you recognize.

    * Fantasy fiction at it's best stimulates your imagination! Since you will probably, at some point in your life, want to have more of a challenge when reading, you will also be presented with the writer who is your exact opposite.

    * I also like to think that your result can tell you where you would fit in best, as fictional worlds go. If your RW is Tolkien, for instance, it may mean that you would prosper in Middle-earth.

    If you're interested in how the different writers were picked, please read on. Otherwise, it's time to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue start button.


    A few comments on the making of the test:


    * All RWs are Tolkien or post-Tolkien. Sorry to all nostalgics out there...

    * The RWs are heavily slanted towards the english speaking world. This, I think, is fair and reflects the dominance of anglo-saxons in fantasy. There is, however, one RW to represent those of us who are not native speakers of English.

    * The RWs were picked in a way as to make a good test. Some writers were omitted simply because the structure of the test would suffer from it. So if you're favourite writer is missing, well, so are some of mine.

    * There are slightly more male than female RWs in the test. This is basically caused by me not being as well read as I should be. My bad, sorry.

    * All the writers are fairly well-known and I think I've managed to create a good balance between best-selling authors and cult classics.


    Now it's time to finally press that button and find out who you really are. Enjoy!