• Welcome to the "Roseanne" Character Quiz!


         Over the years I have developed a strong affinity for the TV show "Roseanne".  The honest, working class, in-your-face humor has helped me deal with great struggles in my life.  I know many people feel the same way. I am sure I'm not alone when I ask which "Roseanne" character most embodies my personality.


         I'll ask you questions that explore your sense of humor, level of extroversion, sexual drive, relationship success, and much more to pinpoint which member of the Conner clan you most resemble.


         Will you turn out to be crazy Jackie, sarcastic Darlene, innocent David, old fashioned Bev, mischevious DJ, flirtatious Becky, dimwitted Mark, hardworking Dan, self-absorbed Nancy, dry-humored Leon, cautious Crystal, or even The Domestic Goddes Herself?  Take the test and find out for sure!

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