Why Didn't Your Previous Relationships Work Test

  • 1

    Would you give money or something else of value to your significant other if they didn't ask for it if you felt like it would help them?

  • 2

    How often do you use scented cosmetic products including deoderant

  • 3

    you are in a dark alley with your  partner (for some reason) and a robber approaches do you,,

  • 4

    Would you call the police for hitting you back if you hit or attacked them?

  • 5

    If you are walking with your partner and someone you find attractive makes eye contact with you , do you?

  • 6

    oral sex?

  • 7

    I wash dishes

  • Hi! And welcome to my test. I'll be using advanced logic and magic to determine your true nature. I'll ask you some questions about something, then I'll analyze you. I'll tell you why your previous relationships didnt work out and what you can do in the future to enjoy yourself more and have better experiences.