• These are some questions based on popular Xbox360 games. We'll start you off easy and see how you do.

  • 1

    Athena, Ares, Hermes and Apollo are gods of which game?

  • 2

    The Glaive is a weapon in?

  • 3

    Aboard the Spirit of Fire, you’re playing?

  • 4

    E.R.S. or Enhanced Reality System is a part of?

  • 5

    Parker and Eos, we’re in?

  • 6

    If you see the Cole Train, you’re playing?

  • 7

    Seventy-two hours in Willamette, Colorado. You’re in?

  • 8

    Racing in the Tri-City Bay Area?

  • 9

    Shot in the ass?

  • 10

    Kahled Al-Asad is you’re enemy in?