• Answer as truthfully as possible. Most questions are simple binary "Yes" and "No" or "Agree" and "Disagree" for simplicity, but there are some sliding scale questions.

    Each question is to be considered completely isolated, in an ideal world situation. For example, a question "Eugenics is fundamentally a good thing" should be answered without any thought as to how it may be implemented - Financial incentives or gas chambers are still advancing the same political ideal.

    At the end, you will be given two ratings, one is your economic alignment. A low score is economically authoritarian (e.g. communism, some varieties of socialism) and a high score is economically Laissez-faire, an extreme just as unpleasant (depending on who you ask) as a communist planned economy.

    The other score is your social alignment. A low score is socially authoritarian, such as fascism or conservatism, where a high score is socially liberal, such as libertarianism, anarchism.

    Hint: Most questions are unbalanced. That is, agreeing may adjust a variable more than disagreeing would adjust it the other way. Many questions only adjust a variable on one answer. This is because political centrists are considered to be zero on both axes, so scoring zero affirms their position. The questions are also not sorted to prevent "rolling" answers.

    Note: This test is still being fleshed out, but scores should not change (the scoring grid is pre-established). If you have any comments, questions or criticisms, I'm more than willing to talk about them.

    - RT.

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