• 1

    We think something is safe because everyone is doing it. This is called?

  • 2

    Michael Jackson (among mant other celeb's) is said to have experienced which type of somatic disorder?

  • 3

    Which personality disorder accounts for the following symptoms; attention seeking, dramatisation, exaggerations and excessive emotionality?

  • 4

    Which of the following disorders is not commonly diagnosed in criminals who receive a life sentence?

  • 5

    Which is the most common form of mood disorder?

  • 6

    Which two greek words derived psychology?

  • 7

    The _______ _______ refers to our tendency to overlook a crime in progress and not assist if other people are present

  • 8

    Where is the hypothalamus located?

  • 9

    What is a word that describes a psychologist who beleives his own cultural group is more superior?

  • 10

    If you are in an altered state of consciousness, which of the following are you probably doing?

  • 11

    Who described 10 different defense mechanisms used by the ego to defend against anxiety?

  • 12

    Steven dislikes public speaking. He changes his job and declines most social engagements to ensure that he does not have to speak in public. Stevens behavior is an example of which defense mechanism?

  • 13

    Danielle learns that she has cancer. She begins to learn everything she can about the illness, reading books, journal articles and the latest experimental research. Danielle's response to her diagnosis is what type of defence mechanism?

  • 14

    Who is considered as the father of psychology?

  • 15

    In Freud's theory of psychsexual development, at which stage does the oedipal complex occur?