Your NFL position based on your Wonderlic Test Score

  • Hi! This test has some representative questions from the Wonderlic test. Your NFL position is assigned based on your test score.


    Ordinarily the Wonderlic has 50 questions to be answered within 12 minutes, which is less than 15 seconds per question. Only one player, Pat McInally, has ever gotten all 50 correct in that amount of time. A few, such Ryan Fitzpatrick, have gotten in the upper 40's. NFL average is around 20. A few notable lower scoring players include Morris Claiborne (4), Frank Gore (6), and Travis Henry (7).


    With scores like that, not surprisingly, on average, Running Backs are most dimmed-witted. Although Quarterback on average rank high, you might be surprised (or not) to learn that Offensive Tackles and Centers score higher on average.


    On this test, there are only 15 questions, which technically, you'd have 3 minutes, 36 seconds to answer, but take 5 minutes.


    Ready to time yourself? Since there's millions of dollars at stake, no cheating - pencils down at 5 minutes.