Your type of national liberation leader v. 0.1

  • 1

    So, you came to a conclusion that your nation needs more rights and more freedom. So, what exactly is your ultimate aim?

  • 2

    Ok, so the goals are set - and what would you actually do next?

  • 3

    You're not alone in fact - while the most active - so a small circle of progressive youth is gathering around you. You need to shape it into something!

  • 4

    As the movement is on the rise, some money appearing. How would you spend your funds?

  • 5

    Now, as time goes by, we need a founding congress. Where would you hold it?

  • 6

    You were to set a manifestation, but local authorities disapproved. Unexpected, huh?

  • 7

    And what about your slogans?

  • 8

    What do you think about immigrants?

  • 9

    Your  whole state is on the brink of the war. Some suspicous character, clearly affiliated with the opposing state, offers you anything you need.

  • 10

    What do you think about your political counterparts?

  • 11

    And about your comrades?

  • 12

    And the last one - how do you think would you acheive power?