Due to recent and disturbing discoveries by the Biochemical and Biological Warfare Department, the head of the Department of Defense has commissioned for a training course in case of a threat to the Integrity of the Nation.  This machine will generate an overall score based on your Compassion (your ability to show mercy), your Lethality (your ability to protect yourself and others), your Survivability (your ability to keep yourself from being Infected), your Ingenuity (your ability to find ways to survive and prosper), your Leadership (your ability to lead your group through the Infection and into safety), and you as an Asset (your ability to benefit your group.)  Good luck, trainee.

  • 1

    First off, where do you think is the ideal place to be when the initial outbreak begins?

  • 2

    You are home eating toast before the television.  Suddenly, your usual programming is interrupted by an important message.  The reporter announces a threat level of orange, saying that some kind of virus is being passed person to person.  The passage is lethal.  What do you do?

  • 3

    You and a group of six people are holed up in a house.  You have two guns, which you gave to two people so they could guard the house.  You're not running low on munitions, but you have meager food stores.  What are your orders?

  • 4

    Alright.  Over your radio,  you and only you learn about a plane that could take you and the rest of your group of survivors to one of the government designated safe-zones.  The problem is that the plane's landing point is over 200 miles away and it's landing tomorrow- you don't think you can make it.  What would you do?

  • 5

    You're searching a building with two other people when you hear screaming outside.  One of the people watching the car has been bit by an infected person.  Your friend disposes of the attacker, but you know the guard, who was very close to you, will turn soon.  What do you do?

  • 6

    At the start of an outbreak of the Infection, who do you save first?

  • 7

    Let's test your knowledge of this virus.  How fast can an Infected move?

  • 8

    Do Infected feel pain?

  • 9

    What do Infected look like?

  • 10

    True or False: Infected only feed on humans.

  • 11

    True or False: Infected can starve without human sustenance.

  • 12

    How long does it take an Infected to starve?

  • 13

    Last question: How do you "kill" an Infected human?