• Welcome to another test regarding your ability to fend off the "living dead."  In this test, you will be hearing about random situations, in which there will be several answers to choose from.  There're two factors in this test; your Zombification (the answers involving this factor mean you took a bad path and was Infected by an undead malcontent, commonly referred to as "zombies")  and your Humanifiscence (your ability to remain Uninfected.)  Good luck, because heeeere we gooooo!  Sorry.

  • 1

    You're on a soccer field, with four other survivors.  You ran away from your stronghold when you had to kill your Infected parents, and the others followed you to get you back.  Suddenly, someone hears noises across the field.  You see four people running from masses of zombies.  What do you do?

  • 2

    What would you use to fend off five or more close-range Infected?

  • 3

    What do you think is the best rank to have at the time of Infection?

  • 4

    You and eight survivors are holed up in a Safeway.  Surrounding you is a fast food restaurant, a clothing store, and a lamp store.  What are your orders?

  • 5

    If you were bit by an Infected person, what would you do?

  • 6

    When you learn about the Outbreak starting, you remember that both of your parents are away on business trips.  Worried for their survival, what do you do?

  • 7

    OH NO!  ZOMBIES ON THE DOORSTEP!  Whatever will we do?

  • 8

    What did you do to pass the time?

  • 9

    You've noticed that your house is starting to reek of sweat.  You and your fellow survivors agree that everyone should take showers.  You test the faucet and, to your suprise, the water is still running.  What is your course of action to make sure that everyone showers?

  • 10

    You trip.  Down the gravel street are hordes of Infected, exerting energy at the thought of a meal.  You're tired, ad not sure how long you can keep running.  You notice a house that appears to have survivors inside.  You also notice a cathedral with several people inside, and an empty store.  What would you do?

  • 11

    Let's say you chose the house.  You yell at them to open the door as you run up the drive, and suprisingly they do so.  After disposing of the pursuers, the twelve people introduce themselves.  What do you do?

  • 12

    Say you took the church.  Running on the green, you see an opened, semi-barricaded window.  You were a world-class hurdler, and, as you approach the opening, you fly through.  You look for the shapes you had seen outside, but the is no one in sight.  Walking by the pews, you notice several bodies.  Suddenly, a woman walks out, appearing normal but staring at the ground, blood spattered.  You know better than to talk to strangers, but... 

  • 13

    Okay, you took the store.  Oh no!  They're still coming!  Maybe you should have thought this through.  What now?