Shared the bad; got some goods.

Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday this year. While it would have been lovely to recount the tender memories you’ll eventually share with your grandkids, we don’t work on Saturday (and that’s not our style anyway).

Dating can be awkward; sometimes things go hilariously wrong. Since Friday the 13th was the day before Valentine’s, we decided to just roll with it. We asked the people of the interwebs to tweet us their bad date stories with #dontbemine, and they did not disappoint. Then our assembled group of super-talented friends sprung into action to immortalize the awkward moments.

Huge thanks to @datemeshow, @mrbevill, @iamjohnellis, @andbloom, @domirillo, @heyosarah, @AndrewFiorillo, @shawnax, @asherly, @millieseconds, @shanezucker, and Courty for helping us bask in the awkward.